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GPT sites 2017

Here is a run down of the best GPT sites in 2017. These are the sites that are making people the most money, these sites are paying fast and offering more than the average site. You can join and us any of these sites with confidence, they have all paid me many times, they all have great support. I just know you will love these GPT sites.

Launched in 2011 and still a great site that only gets better is instaGC.com, this place pays you instantly and you can choose how to get paid. You can get paid with instant gift cards from over 100 retailers and websites like amazon and eBay, you can also get paid via direct deposit or instantly with PayPal.

One of the most fun GPT sites in 2017 has gotta be PocketMoneyGPT.com there is such a lively chat community that help each other get more money, there is also great support and they pay really fast, same day with a low $1 minimum.

When it comes to instant payment for people from all countries the best site is DollarClix.com, this place has so many offers for all countries, even if you’re in India or China you can still make great money and it’s great for USA and UK as well as Canada and all other countries, it’s a low $1 Minimum needed to withdraw and there are tons of contests too.

These 3 examples are among the best GPT sites in 2017, for a full list of all current paying GPT sites please visit Top50GPT.com.