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GPT sites 2017

Here is a run down of the best GPT sites in 2017. These are the sites that are making people the most money, these sites are paying fast and offering more than the average site. You can join and us any of these sites with confidence, they have all paid me many times, they all have great support. I just know you will love these GPT sites.

Launched in 2011 and still a great site that only gets better is, this place pays you instantly and you can choose how to get paid. You can get paid with instant gift cards from over 100 retailers and websites like amazon and eBay, you can also get paid via direct deposit or instantly with PayPal.

One of the most fun GPT sites in 2017 has gotta be there is such a lively chat community that help each other get more money, there is also great support and they pay really fast, same day with a low $1 minimum.

When it comes to instant payment for people from all countries the best site is, this place has so many offers for all countries, even if you’re in India or China you can still make great money and it’s great for USA and UK as well as Canada and all other countries, it’s a low $1 Minimum needed to withdraw and there are tons of contests too.

These 3 examples are among the best GPT sites in 2017, for a full list of all current paying GPT sites please visit


How to pick the best GPT site for you

The best GPT site for one person may not be the best for another. Everyone has different needs, you need to find the right site for you, so that you get out of it the best experience possible. I have joined a few hundred GPT and PTC sites since I started back in 2008. The vast majority aren’t great for anyone, but there are about 50 that have proven to be great all around sites. But here in this post I will be focusing on a few of the top ones that offer things that will appeal to different people in different ways.

If you are from outside of the USA,UK and Canada. I highly recommend It is also good for anyone in the world but with the earning limitations on some countries it can be hard to earn money on most GPT sites, but Clixsense is different, even if your country doesent have surveys to complete, you can still find PTC ads and CrowdFlower tasks for all countries, everyone can participate in the Clix-Grid game too. You can also make great money by referring others, even if you are in Bangladesh it is possible to refer USA members and let them do the work for you. You just gotta find them and once they see how great the site is they will work and make you money.

If you are looking for instant gift cards and instant payments and you reside in the USA, UK or Canada. Then I suggest you join This is a wonderful site with 21 offer walls and over 100 instant gift card choices as well as instant PayPal or choose check or direct deposit. This website is also open to most other countries too and they do have CrowdFlower tasks and a great referral program,

For those looking for a fun international GPT site with an active admin in the chat box everyday, there to help you with anything you need then the site for you is This GPT site has a low $1 minimum. THey pay same day you request it. There are many easy ways to earn here, like the MinuteStaff wall or PTCWall and ClixWall. Also earn big money from surveys, completing offers, mobile apps and trying new games. This site is a favorite among USA,UK and Canada but also has members from all over the world who also call pocket home.

These are the three GPT sites that have something for everyone but at the same time they have some specific benefits that may appeal to one person more than another. Thanks for stopping by today and reading my blog, I do appreciate it.

The Best GPT Sites for 2016

There are many great Get Paid To websites, commonly known as GPT Sites. These Websites pay members to complete simple things, stuff like signing up for email newsletters and watching videos as well as taking surveys and other easy stuff. They pay you cash or gift cards. The best part is that these sites I am going to tell you about our free to join and use. You never have to pay a thing, they pay you. Below I will list the best GPT sites for 2016.

The easiest to use site is they have easy registration and once you are in you can start earning points fast by watching videos and using the many offer walls available. You get paid instantly via PayPal or gift cards, with a low $1 minimum withdraw. You can also get paid via direct deposit or check.

One of our favorite GPT sites has gotta be, this place has it all, great support, low minimum withdraw, lots of offers,videos and surveys. It’s easy to register and start earning right away, they even have an on site chat box where you can get help or just converse with other members and staff.

One old favorite site that is still one of the best even now in 2016 a good ten years since it launched, that site is and it’s a must join site, simply for how easy it is to gain cash. This place is a super PTC site that has everything that GPT sites do as well. This is also the most internationally friendly site, anyone from anywhere in the world can make money here.

This year also brings us some newer up and coming sites that still have low membership and contests. It is much easier to win money in contests that are on sites that are newer with a smaller member base. We want to introduce you to two of these newer sites with easy contests. The first is , this is a really nice site that has many contests and not so many members yet. They do pay and minimum is only $1.00. You will like this site if you like easy contests, many offer walls and great support.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these great reward sites aka GPT sites as much as we do, they make it easy to earn a little extra money online.