Cave of Wonder GPT Info Site

Welcome to the Cave of Wonder GPT information site. I was a long time member of the Cave of Wonder dot com , back when it was a GPT site for many years, when it closed I acquired the domain name to keep the cave alive and provide a place to find out about the best GPT and rewards sites on the internet.
The following sites are all great GPT Sites that pay fast with a low minum.

  • has daily bonuses and 4 weekly offer contests. You earn from referrals 4 levels deep. Payments are sent fast , PayPal, Serve and you can get instant amazon codes as well as other gift card choices.
  • has many easy ways to earn like watching videos,visiting websites and listening to internet radio. You can also find regular offers and many offer walls. The rewards are in the form of instant Paypal and instant gift codes from over 90 stores and restaurants including amazon,Starbucks,Walmart and many others.
  • is a great place to earn a little extra pocket money. Great contests and bonus promotions. Fast payments, instant amazon codes and more.
  • International GPT and PTC $1 Minumum All Countries.
  • is a cool rewards site with offer walls , regular offers, fast paypal and serve payments, gift cards available including instant amazon codes.
  • has some unique features like fun games where you have a chance to win more points. Fun and rewarding Contests are always running. Payment is quick, low minimum too.
  • has worldwide membership open to almost every country on earth. CrowdFlower tasks with contests and bonuses can be found here as well as daily surveys, offer walls and more.

These sites pay fast every time and have paid me many times. Join them with confidence and good luck to you. For more great GPT sites go to